Thursday, September 2, 2010

Facebook Reviews ~ Winner

First of all let me say THANKS so much to each & everyone of my fans/customers! You ROCK!! It's for you that I keep striving to bring new and exciting items. Also if you ever are looking for something that I don't already carry please let me know. I might have access to it but not think it will be popular, etc. And remember I LOVE custom never hesitate to contact me if you want a custom order!

I appreciate reading each & every review that gets left on my FB page. I appreciate every picture I receive of my goodies in use, and every email with praise. So please don't forget that!! Now, now on to the task at hand!! I used to pick a number between 1-22 because that's how many reviews I have received so far. picked #6!!!!!!!!!! So I counted back 6 reviews starting from the very first review left on my FB page ~ so the winner is Christina Lawson! Christina please be sure to email me within 3 days claim your $5.00 Gift Certificate.

Congratulations to Christina and remember just because you didn't win this month doesn't mean you won't win next month! And also remember you can leave a review for "each" purchase. (Please not each item - but for each total purchase)! The more purchases, the more reviews, the better your chance of winning!

Have a great night!!

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